Empowering people to become better versions of themselves

B5 ReAffirm provides a tangible behavior modification tool designed to help females of all ages shift their mindset to that of “I’M ME” (Improve MMental Esteem) and transform their negative thought process into powerful positive self-talk.

Value proposition: In the first 14 months of operation, we have successfully shifted the mindset of over 400 females, as young as 12 to those in their 70’s, regarding their self-esteem. They embraced the process of “I’M ME” (Improve My Mental Esteem), learned the power of positive self-talk, and changed their way of thinking.

Did you know that 7 in 10 girls believe she is not good enough or doesn’t measure up in some way? I didn’t until I had the opportunity to serve this demographic. The statistics are astonishing!


of teen girls with low self-esteem admit to negative self-talk.


of American girls age 13 are “unhappy with their bodies…” by 17 that number jumps to 78%.


of all girls feel insecure and/or unsure of themselves.