Hi, I'm Pamala McCoy!

Business owner, community advocate, empowerment evolutionary, perpetual volunteer, author, mentor, wife, mother and NeNe!

My purpose is fueled by my passion to provide tools that allow individuals to fuel their full potential – whether that’s fiscally or emotionally!

Pam's Story

Pamala McCoy is the Founder of BONA5D CREDIT CONSULTANTS, LLC and B5ReAffirm. She is dubbed as your M.S.I.™ (Mind Shift Initiator) for the time she is before her audiences.

She is not forceful in demanding mind shift but, is ‘a force’ at persuading one’s mind to shift – to think differently or to consider things perhaps not considered before.

Pamala is an EMPOWERMENT EVOLUTIONARY™ with an unmatched passion for “EMPOWERING PEOPLE TO BECOME BETTER VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES” – in all areas of their lives, with a focus on financial health and mental health.

Those who meet Pamala are drawn in by her positive nature and innate desire to empower and uplift others. While Pamala has always been inspired to work with others, it was one challenge she faced over thirty years ago that began the unveiling of her purpose for IMPACT:

It was a rainy Sunday morning a few days after Christmas, December of 1984. Pamala got up early that morning, had breakfast with her family, loaded up her car with gifts and goodies, and headed out for the hour and a half drive back to North Carolina State University for her second semester as a freshman. As she drove down the driveway with family waving, she remembers thinking about how she almost didn’t come home for the Christmas break but was so glad that she did.

It had been raining, earlier in the day and despite clearing up, the day was still dreary and wet. Then it happened! Less than 5 miles from home, on a city street where the speed limit is 35 miles an hour – Pamala was hit head-on by a drunk driver. It was like a scene from a movie – her car was smoking and she couldn’t get a grasp of the time, which seemed to be passing quickly and slowly all at once.

Fire and rescue arrived, along with an ambulance, and they had to use the jaws of life to extract her from her car. Her nose was opened like a book, her collar bone was broken, her knees were messed up, and her pelvic was injured – all within what seemed like a split second. The other driver, who was way above the legal limit and had an open container in his car, walked away uninjured.

Pamala had to have her nasal passage reconstructed which left a scar down the center of her face and due to her broken collar bone, she had to wear an uncomfortable brace for several months. All of this, plus the fear of driving and ending up out of school for the entire semester and summer presented unique challenges.

There were so many times where she could have continued to live in pain or fear, but she now understands that what occurred in December of 1984 had to BE! This event prepared her for her “I’M ME (Improve My Mental Esteem) journey and what she does today … what she refers to as “my assignment from THE BIG GUY”.

Even with the scar in the center of her face, she graduated from college, she married the love of her life almost 30 years ago, she has had a successful corporate career, she published a book as well as being an entrepreneur; just to name a few.

Her decision to see the glass as half full was the first step to reclaiming her confidence after the accident and acknowledging that how one thinks and feels about self is fundamental in EVERY aspect of life. It is her mission to share her lessons learned and assist others on their journey and give them the “GIFT OF SELF”, tools to fuel their full potential with their money and their mental health.


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